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Sunday, September 13, 2009

September 09.

That's 6 months and 12 days. Since i wrote anything here.
Maybe it's a good thing, because if i'm emo i come up and write. So does that mean i'm less emo-er these days?
Well, so far so good (hopefully).. and this has to last till the end of the year!
Being in the last semester doesn't necessarily feel good, especially when there's no continuation of direction on the GPS.

That issue aside, i've got to tell you guys that i'm glad brother's here (staying at the same place) this year. Brothers are brothers, they can be fun, troublesome, or bully-able at times. However i find a sense of 'usefulness' as a sister when i can go to the market and get him some big boxes of strawberries... or let him finish up the food that we girls can't finish... (mind you, not leftovers XD)

Well, we both are graduating end of this year. He's staying. I'm _____ (can you fill in the blank [correctly or accurately] for me? thanks!)

Anyway, til next time. I've got two mid sems and a bioassay report to settle before the spring break that commences next week.


Blogger blushstar said...

Hey Wai Che! After 6 long months, u finally blogged. I didn't know that you were graduating at the end of the year! And I thought that K-lyn is the only one. Sorry for my oversight.

No one knows huh. Maybe you can ask God? Haha. Or, follow your childhood ddreams they say. *winks*

12:40 AM  
Blogger You Wei said...

go to where u belong to gal.. ^^

12:00 AM  
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