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Sunday, September 13, 2009

September 09.

That's 6 months and 12 days. Since i wrote anything here.
Maybe it's a good thing, because if i'm emo i come up and write. So does that mean i'm less emo-er these days?
Well, so far so good (hopefully).. and this has to last till the end of the year!
Being in the last semester doesn't necessarily feel good, especially when there's no continuation of direction on the GPS.

That issue aside, i've got to tell you guys that i'm glad brother's here (staying at the same place) this year. Brothers are brothers, they can be fun, troublesome, or bully-able at times. However i find a sense of 'usefulness' as a sister when i can go to the market and get him some big boxes of strawberries... or let him finish up the food that we girls can't finish... (mind you, not leftovers XD)

Well, we both are graduating end of this year. He's staying. I'm _____ (can you fill in the blank [correctly or accurately] for me? thanks!)

Anyway, til next time. I've got two mid sems and a bioassay report to settle before the spring break that commences next week.

Monday, March 02, 2009

One Sad, One Mad, under one roof

Today- first day of uni.

She's sad, because she's in pain.
I'm mad, because i'm in vain.

Why she's in pain, perhaps she ate too much chocolate.
Why i'm in vain, perhaps I keep on contradicting myself.

Facing the mouth wash, i adviced her to gurgle 3 times a day, preferably go see a dentist as soon as possible, so the pain can subside and leave her alone in her otherwise-sweet-world.
Facing the current issue, i adviced myself to keep myself busy, preferably meet up with some friends and doing some silly things or rearing sea monkey, so the headache wouldnt bug me all the time.

Pain can make one suffer, it can also make one more pain-resistant. So when the next pain comes, one can be more prepared than the previous one.

Give and take, that's one golden rule.
This truth has always been proving to me. Why just didn't i realise it?

This post sounds like a weird one. Nevertheless i felt much better having written this down.
All the best to everyone. Thanks for all your silent prayers and unconditioned support.
(oh by the way, let's pray for the pain to subside for her yea.... u guys know what i mean....)

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I was beyond boiling point when my parents told me their decision last night. I wanted to run away and not go home.
I am currently much hotter than the sun now.

Yes i should go with parent's flow, not let them down.
Why did i have the same reaction as my eldest brother when we both knew about the decision?
Why can't we just accept it?

Not being able to control myself again midnight last night, I shared some part of it with a friend on skype, trying to distract myself. Not feeling any tiredness, I couldn't stop thinking about it over and over again. To distract myself further I finished a few episodes of drama. I knew i shouldn't but i left mum sitting behind me waiting for me to go to sleep, until i finally said i'm off to bed at 4 a.m.

Trying to get into slumber with such strong emotion worsens it. Already puffy from previous hours' cry, tears still flowed. It's so damn difficult to stop the train of thoughts while i tried to concentrate on not thinking and sleep. After an hour or so i forgot how i finally fell asleep.

8.13am- dad woke me and asked whether i want to follow them for breakfast. Knowing i myself had not enough sleep i refused. My puffy eyes wouldnt let me have any confidence anyway again today. i went back to sleep.

9-ish am- apparently they haven't gone out for breakfast yet. Dad was still in the room, bro came in. Believing that i'm still sleeping, dad showed an article to bro, telling him not to take drugs so he won't end up as that person in that picture.

Bro: 'Oh, there are much more cases than that.'
Dad: 'More so you shouldn't take drugs next time...'
Bro: 'That's my own business.'
Dad: '... now your brother is blaming me, your sister is blaming me; the family is falling apart. You should behave yourself.'
Bro: 'What you all need is acceptance.'

And the idiot brother went out of the room.

I can show you what is ACCEPTANCE, my idiot brother, and how much WE HAVE ALREADY ACCEPTED:

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for saying all these 'inspirational' words.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for trusting your 'better-than-family' friends.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for demonstrating to us how 'highly-moralled' you became.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for showing such great effort to prove you're still worth of anything.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for causing all those 'necessary-and-unpreventable' financial loss to your devastated family.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for potentially lengthening our lifespan.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for dad's,mum's,da ge's and my wonderful sleepless nights.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for giving us such lovely, carefree and worri-less days in the past month and, so much that i wanted it to not stop forever...

and, these are what i really thank you for:
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for understanding us so well that you used that against us.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for giving me the strong DESIRE to slit your throat.

Thank you, my idiot brother, i know you would smile and laugh happily when you read this.

Monday, December 15, 2008

我今年的生日不会过得快乐了 Happy 20th Birthday Gone

I am willing and have decided to share this with you because I don't want any of you to get any nearer to what my family is facing now.

I have shed countless tears from the day before my first paper, and i still can't contain my tears up till now. I even risked failing all my subjects for being not able to concentrate on studying. So now you know how much my family members mean to me.

I have way too much to face in my life.
This is more so for my second brother, the one who just 'completed' his fourth year medicine. He IS VERY SELF-CENTERED and cares only for himself AND HIMSELF ALONE. Believe it or not, he doesn't even care about us, us being his family members; not even Dad and Mum, who had unconditional love for him; and as i see it, his actions do not for benefit himself, nor his own future.

No matter how educated a person can be, his maturity still depends on his way of thinking and acting. Some people can even grow old, or become a professor, but with a very selfish mentality.

My friends around me in Melbourne who knows both me and my brother could detect his complete change of personality. The realisation of the whole problem began the day before my exam. As a sister, i was still trusting that my brother isn't that 'problematic' and that he still holds on to the RIGHTFUL principles, such as RESPECTING PARENTS, and OBEYING THE LAW. These two are already enough to mend his personality now, at least for the moment.

On last thursday we sat down together as a family and discussed things through with him, we wanted to know what was his problems:
(1) his reasons of taking anti-depressants (till now he still refuses to tell)
(2) him befriending drug users (be it those who have taken drugs, or tried drugs; to sum up, this refers to those who could influence him to take drugs- and by drugs i mean illegal drugs, such as MARIJUANA or other illegal ones) maybe i shouldn't use the word 'befriend', i should say 'him not considering them as people who have done wrong, who have chosen to take drugs for their own satisfaction, and who even would influence him to take drugs along with them'.
(3) him thinking that womanizing is right!! (in fact, i think he is already one- he just confirmed that with us last night.)

i shall keep the list short.
In our discussion we mentioned to him that it is unethical for a medical doctor to be involved in drugs, be it them selling to others or them consuming it themselves. These type of so called 'illegal drugs' are only legal if they were prescribed for dying patients, the reason being that it would let them feel happier and relieved of their pain for a short while, and perhaps die without much suffering.

And his reply to us is that he WOULD WANT TO TRY IT because HE IS CURIOUS. He wants to experiment. He knows the risks involved, but he thinks that that is TOO INSIGNIFICANT.

I shall try to ask: would you see a doctor with his kind of thinking?

Our only request for him is to avoid mixing with those so called drug-abusing friends, for the whole year next year (he would be in his last year of medicine in Monash next year) (please feel free to question Monash's credibility in educating their students- and more particularly, if any management personnel of Monash Uni sees this, can you please check and see if your precious medical students are drug-free! To be frank, the same applies for other institutions.)

He refused to even comply to our simple request.

He thinks that we are despising those drug-users and just because he won't despise them, he would not promise us he won't get away from them.
He told us frankly that he wants to try irregardless of the risk involved (losing job, losing his place as a medical doctor, losing income etc..) He thought that it would not happen on him. Because he would 'control how much he take', 'take only when he wants it', and god knows what else..........

You could have imagined that from all the words he answered us, how much he had hurt and scarred our hearts. Our question for him poses: Can he just disregard the love from your parents and all the care all along these 22 years? Can he not care of how dad and mum feel and just carry on with things that would hurt us?

Some neuron connection has certainly gone haywire in his head. His answer for those are: I don't care of how you would think, the main thing i am most concerned of is MYSELF. As long as i am happy, and i think that i am not doing anything wrong, that's it, I'll do it.

We did not force him into this situation. All our discussions with him were friendly and cool (as in not heated up)- at least dad stays really cool, i get agitated easily but all i can do is FIX MY STARE at HIM, deep inside i am literally bleeding, for his selfish, childish, short-sighted, and on top of it all, disrespectful and ignorance of our parent's love. All of you who have grew up with me, who have known me for quite sometime, or at least know how my parents are, would know that they have trained us (my two brothers and me) to be kind, selfless, considerate, and a whole list (if someone wants to add), and made sure we have very good 家教 (i can't think of the word to replace, the best phrase to use is 'family teaching')....

Since my eldest brother is not at home with us right now, there's just me, second bro, dad and mum at home. The three of us (except bro, obviously) are devastated. Dad still has his clinic and patients to worry about apart from my brother. We still have to get on with life. How will this issue end up as, can you tell me?

I usually ended up crying myself whenever i unwillingly recalled of the words he said coldly to us. 20 minutes ago, dad saw me crying. He told me: Why get so emotional? He could be heartless to us. Why are you sad of him? Its useless to be sad for people like him. Don't cry, or try to suppress. Slowly you'll learn the way to handle emotionally.

Anyhow we just have to stop him, it's our responsibility as family members. We shall not let him turn into a useless drug addict who would either occupy the prison cell and waste the country's resources to feed him; OR, let him be a drug-using doctor who could, at any time, put himself; or worst still, his patients, at life-threatening risks.

In all these 19 years of my life, I have not yet faced anything more serious than this.
I hope you would get something out of my experience, and realise the importance of FAMILY LOVE.

Monday, November 10, 2008



你一开始最看不顺眼的人 竟然是你的好朋友。。。。

有时候。。 你根本不想去认识一个人。。。你觉得无趣


爱你的人。。。你不爱。。 你不爱的人。。。却是那样爱你。。



又在另一站下车 事事总是充满变数与未知。。。
曾经感情很好的朋友。。。。 即使感觉还在。。。


For All Who Needs This~

A note to everyone who is having exams or happened to drop by:
All the best in exams,
and/or all the best in your everyday business!

For those who finished exams, especially those in Msia,
all the best in enjoying the after-exams-mood!

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Olympic heat is on >> Gold or Silver?

Men's Singles Gold Medal Match

Malaysia vs China
Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan

17 Aug 2008

Will Lin Dan remain in his position as the first?
Will Chong Wei get a gold for his last olympics?

It's only 19:38 now.

What will happen afterwards?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's the time of the year again.. ExAmS!

Time flies...
The nearer exams are, the 'stray-er' i go... as in can't concentrate. *sigh*
things i did today that are off-normal:

1. frying pancakes
looks nice and round, aren't they?
after a few trials i finally knew how to flip it around not breaking them...

2. observing clouds:

the sky looks fine on the top bit.. not the bottom bit..
looks like wave of thunders are rolling near...
what happens if i roll in the cotton-like clouds? would it feel nice, soft and cosy?

3. cutting my hair:

Sorry no pics for this. didn't do this today. did this a week ago. I have really cut it short. Felt superbly good just cutting away my hair... Recommended for stress release>> woo hoo!! cut cut cut....

4. reading Farrago and other's blogs (just now. this is the trigger-me-to-blog factor)
Browsed ppl's blogs more often than usual. After blog-rolling-->
Picking up a copy of Farrago (a magazine published monthly by students), i started reading it instead of the textbook in front of me...

and this is something to share:

So there are 3 ways to exam success..
***** ***** ***** ***** *****

What's the point of studying?
Equations below can prove it:

** **
*** *** ***
**** **** **** ****
***** ***** ***** *****
**** **** **** ****
*** *** ***
** **
Nevertheless, i still want to wish everyone:
study smartly!
*yes you can! yes i can too!

P.s.: Wish me luck!!
I must not fail I must not fail I must not fail!! I must do better than pass!!
i must do my BEST i must do my BEST i must do my BEST!! no excuses!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Little Fluffy Clouds, Blue Skies and Chilly Winds. Melbourne.

2 days ago i joined Mz for Jane's contemporary piece. Some part of it were rather technical, with jumps and turns and oh, i always nearly fell after turning haha..
The song that Jane used is: 'Little Fluffy Clouds' by The Orb (a rather weird song, just look at the lyrics and it would give you a clue... the music is quite okay compared to the lyrics- not lyrics actually, just a person 'reciting' the words..) Below is the lyrics:

"What were the skies like when u were young? They went on for ever and they when I we lived in Arizona and the skies always had little fluffy clouds and err.. they were long and clear and there were lots of stars, at night. And errr when it rain it would all turn, it, they were beautiful, the most beautiful skies as a matter of fact, the sunsets were purple and red and yellow and on fire and the clouds would catch the colours everywhere, thats, its neat because I used to look at them all the time when i was little. You don't see that.

* ** ** ** ** ** ** *keep on repeating* ** ** ** *

The most beautiful skies as a matter of fact purple and red

purple and red and yellow and on fire"

Okay. So i have to sort of get used to the tunes and beats so this morning i put this song(one and only one) into the playlist and repeated the song until i had to go for lecture.
It played a gazillion times (from 6.30 to around 8am)... then as usual before leaving the house i would check on my weather widget on the sidebar to get the live temperature. Oh goodness.. it showed me: 5 degrees (in fact it's 5 degrees now too-it's around 1 am) but in the morning the sun was brightly shining and it looked warmer than it really was...

I wrapped myself up into a 'glutinous rice dumpling (wrapped in bamboo leaves)' [哈哈其实我要讲的是粽子] -i.e. wear lotsa layers- before braving myself into the cold icy winds...
My journeys to the lecture hall were often accompanied by music, 'scenery' (if you would, like me, consider the surroundings along the path as scenery) (and these days accompanied by goosebumps- because of the wind)...

I was sorta 'cursing' the temperature and the bright sunlight that cons people (shouldn't blame the sun actually, should LOVE it). And that's when i glanced into the sky. Brilliantly beautiful blue. Little fluffy clouds. A jetplane which always leaves a trail behind. The same straight trail.


No it isn't straight. and the jetplane wasn't flying in a straight line.

COOL... so they can do that... i couldn't resist, it's so interesting and i wanted to tell the people beside me to glance into the sky to see the 'weird' 'phenomenon' hahah... however it was still too early and only a few students scurried away... no choice. gotta note this down. Lucky me i have my camera phone.

This is it.

So, what do you think?

Amazing? or is it just that i'm so 'sua ku'?

At the time of taking i didn't thought why it was 'grrr'. Now this thought struck me: the pilot is as frustrated as me with the brilliant blue sky that cons people about the weather. But he's much braver and used his skills to 'write out' his frustration on the sky itself.

Maybe not. The world is definitely not as simple as i think.


Monday, May 05, 2008

Of Needles, Syringe and Blood

I'm so... excited today.
I know why. 'Cause i'm 10mL of blood short. Haha...
here's where the blood have gone to:

A vial full of MY blood

So this is the first time i take blood.
And got a jab in my arm just for a research project.
I knew i would be jabbed and poked today, but last night i wasn't really concerned about the blood taking and jabbing... not really scared, not really excited, no nothing. (weird?)(maybe not)

The research is called: 'Adult Influenza vaccine study' conducted by Murdoch Childrens Research Institute to study about a licensed influenza vaccine in healthy adults aged 18-64 years inclusive. The study (which follows 7500 healthy adults over 17 sites in Aus [Melb alone has 1500 subjects]) will provide information about how well vaccination with a flu vaccine protects against infection with the flu virus. The participants will be vaccinated in Autumn 2008 (now) and then followed over winter and spring to record episodes of respiratory infections (which means if i contracted flu i have to contact them so that they could determine whether i've got the flu strain that i'm vaccinated against).

The doctor (Dr. Rowena) that attended to me and my friend (Silvia =P) was really nice. She was very soft-spoken and gentle. After a series of health questions (to make sure that we're really eligible with no health problems), we're ready to be taken blood. Another assistant took our blood. (me and my friend played rock paper scissors to determine whose blood shall be taken first lol... i won so i was to be taken first =P) Since its my first time going through this, i should be nervous right... i'm lucky that my pulse and pressure is so very NORMAL hahah... (yay!) i looked at how she poked into my... errm... what's that part called.. not arm not elbow... you know, the place where they take blood... you know right. yeah, so she poked and (ouch...) my blood just came "shooting" (literally) out into the vial. In just 15 seconds it's all over.

Then came my turn to take the jab. This time it's the doctor who would poke me. It's a double blind study, so neither me nor the doctor knows whether i got the vaccine or the placebo (2/3 of all participants would get the vaccine whereas 1/3 would get placebo) I didn't see her poke into my arm this time (i purposely turned my head away -with one eye shut and crunching my teeth hard--imagine my expression- then, eventually came the sting, and i turned back to look at the needle in my arm) She pushed the plunger and i could feel the substance gushing into my...umm... lol.. meat? =P or muscle tissue?.. (imagine the molecules finding their way through the maze of cells) and that kind of 'sourish' sensation surge through my upper arm...
3 weeks later i would have to be taken blood again.

Now that i'm at home i felt that i am extraordinarily excited. I asked min zhao could it be that they mistakenly injected 兴奋剂 aka stimulant into me in replacement for the vaccine... because i was quite hyper and can't stop fooling around making noise and (making min zhao annoyed.. but she laughed a lot), and deviced an alarm tone that would definitely wake us up...

by the way, before i end i shall post some photos i took lately to share...

We went to a cantonese production by CTG on saturday. It's called 'The Tailor's Masterpiece' and we quite enjoyed it (It's a horror story)
After the show we met the casts and chat for a bit...

I did that for MZ for fun~

I was 侠女 for a night =P, because i tied 2 辫子... kinda like the wavy effect...

That's roti canai!! Had it on saturday at Bismi's. I ordered 'Roti Banana' haha.. quite nice though.. $ 3.00 or $3.50 each...

MZ ordered 2 roti canai(s)!! The lassi was rich in flavour and soothing...

And lastly, a picture of sunrise from our window:

.:The End:.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A fly's life

Today in genetics practical we had to dissect Drosophila larvae in search for inverted chromosome sequences..

I'll put part of the Prac manual in here:
Purpose of this experiment: Isolating polytene chromosomes from the salivary glands (from 3rd instar larvae)... The method for this isolation is detailed below.

1. Selection of Larva
(in my own words) Use forceps to choose for a large, fat larvae, that is still moving, from the container holding the larvae. Pinch it out and place it on a slide, then clean off excess food particles that may be sticking around the larvae's body.. (it's constantly twitching and squirming, and after i release it into a puddle of saline it sort of felt the freedom and wriggle away...)
Place slide against a black background, observe the larvae under the dissecting microscope.
(I just put the larva on my slide for a while without observing it under my microscope, i did something else; when i came back its not in the view of the microscope anymore... it keeps wriggling away...)

2. Dissection of Larva
(from prac manual) Holding the tail end of the larva with the forceps or needle (i use needle), place the second pair of forceps or needle, just behind the mouthparts (these are the little black hooks at the front end of the animal that are usually moving in and out). Hold the larvae steady and in a slow movement pull away the head. Hopefully, the salivary glands (which are translucent) will pull free. Note it is critical that you do not let the glands dry out while they are sitting on the microscope stage.

*For this step i tried twice actually (which means i killed 2 larva instead of just one, because the first attempt failed-- so did the second attempt =P) It says i have to hold the larvae steady right... so i used my needle to pin the tail so it can't move forward; at this point the larvae must have felt the excruciating pain on its bottom so it was writhing pitifully trying to free itself (but to no avail of course) (i said sorry to the larvae)... in order to cease its suffer quicker, i tried to pinch and get hold of the head to pull it off....
Forcefully (but also gently) i pulled and pulled, hopefully the glands will be pulled out from the front end, starting from its hook to its 'throat' and then the gland and then everything else...
HOWEVER (rmb i poked the needle on its bottom?) instead of being pulled apart from the head, the bottom bit was torn. WAS TORN OMG... under this circumstance i pinned the needle towards its abdomen instead (move forwards, avoiding the torn part) and then try pulling again in hope of pulling the gland from the head... ... ... ... ... ended up tearing the abdomen @_@'
So, there i was with my larvae's intestines instead of the gland...

The exact same process occured on the other unlucky larvae... In the end i reckon there's no use killing the 3rd one, since i've 'dismantled' the whole digestive structure i might as well trace the gland from the opposite direction... That's why i ended up having twice the amount of salivary glands than other prac classmates are having...)

3. Preparation of the Salivary Glands
Remove as much of the other debris from the slide, making sure you know where the glands are positioned on the slide. Apply a tiny drop of 45% acetic acid onto the glands and wait 1 minute... the rest of the step is not essential so i didnt put it here..

4. Squashing and Staining the Salivary glands
Place a drop of orcein stain (to stain the DNA) onto the glands and allow to stain for 10 minutes- then apply a coverslip (the small square piece of glass that covers the specimen on the slide). Tap coverslip gently with the blunt end of a dissecting needle which helps in disrupting the tissue and 'speading' the chromosomes.

Fold a tissue and place it on the bench in front of you. Invert the slide onto this piece of tissue so that the coverslip is facing down. Fold the tissue over the top of the slide- effectively sandwiching the slide in the tissue. Then stand up and exert through the slide a firm and steady pressure with your thumbs placed over the area where the coverslip is located. (Have to be careful not to break the slide into two) Apply the pressure for at least 15 seconds.

5. Observing the Chromosomes
... look at the slide under compound microscope....

Haha sorry i must have bored you out reading the procedures... but in the end i can't find any chromosomes i'm supposed to find... i was pretty sure my techniques are correct and that i've got the right gland... but still.. its alright because only a few in the whole class successfully got that chromosome in their slide...

I have put the title of this blog as it is because i want to state how innocent a fruit fly can be, almost half of the experiments in my prac manual involves this species of fruit fly... but don't be afraid they won't extinct so easily because scientists are constantly using them as model organisms (to let them mate and look at the offspring)...
Last week i had to look at the fly's eyes, the colour and whether its smooth or has 'fur-like' structure, how the fur on its thorax is like... whether the 'fur' is long and straight, or somewhat bent like an 'L' shape...
After the prac i was almost seeing flies everywhere... (because i have to look into the microscope and count how many of those flies share the similar characteristics.... all in all i've looked at 67 Drosophila flies...rmb they're only 3mm max in length)...

I thought it's just another prac and another dissection so i didn't thought it as interesting as it would sound, until when i was chatting with Rhian and with mz (on the phone) and after describing the entire process, their laughter made me realize that it is rather interesting.. so i blogged it down now to share...

Well, Putty, i'm thinking of going to NZ this hol too.. but i hav to see if i'm lucky enough to be selected for a research program... and i'll see how the schedule is like...
Jia you putty! Rhian, must enjoy the rest of the holidays... remember not 'xia4 dan4', next time say 'fang4 bomb'... Mz, (who is behind me now) still listening to music and browsing through ppl's facebook profile?
=P till next time~

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

On April Fool 08

My day started with an 8am lecture.
As i woke up late i didn't have anything for breakfast, so by 9 i'm starving...
I got to Union house, bought a bacon and egg bun with bbq sauce, grabbed a copy of 'The Age', and found a nice place that overlooks a deserted north court (it's usually packed)..
For that hour i enjoyed my bun reading today's newspaper.. it's been long since i did that actually.. only in penang, never in aus before..
I guess that's why i am feeling pretty sunny for the next lecture, and for the rest of the day i still feel quite happy..

I'm blogging right now because i just had to put a new thing down into memory. (For the 1st time again, lol) i played tennis!
Thanks to Alan, who invited me to play tennis, and borrowed a racquet from his housemate, and Kenny, who taught us the theories of tennis, and Andy, for playing the game haha.
This is the second time i hold a racquet (and the ball) and briefly learnt how to serve. Kenny is so patient he waited for me to pick up the ball after a return that i could not aim properly at, or a serve that doesn't go pass the net... roughly it took me a minute or so to successfully serve a ball across the net (so poor Kenny has to wait =P)

After around an hour of 'training' we played 2 on 2... oh ya missed out the part where Alan's tennis ball flew out of the fence and hit a car, which the alarm is set off for a while (lucky the owner's not around), and there's a second time the ball hit the car again (this time is my fault) it stays silent. (Perhaps it has developed resistance to concussion?)
As i was positioned to the side nearer to another court, i always have the problem of hitting the ball offside, sending it rolling across the neighbouring court and (paiseh-ly) stopping the guys from throwing the ball into the air (to start a serve) [throw ball into air and then catch the ball again because our ball just invaded their court]... XD

Weather was fine, sunny and windy, and i smacked a layer of sunscreen before playing, but as i got home and looked into the mirror, a hot burning face stared back at me. Lol not that burnt, very mild over-heating i should describe...
And just now i was watching a show titled: 'My shocking story: Living without skin' Today's show features a brother and sister, both with a rare genetic disease (i don't know what the scientific name is) but they are called 'butterfly children' because they are born without skin, and butterfly is used simply to show how fragile they are, just like butterflies.
The show documented their daily life, how they are supposed to change dressing on their skin everyday, how they get on with life and so on. The brother, Joshua, is now in uni studying accountancy, and the sister, Sarah, is in final year of high school. Sarah's condition is worse, she needs to undergo skin grafting every month. It's like a major procedure to patch new skin on bare flesh.
I gripped myself tightly when i see their grimaces as a result of a painful encounter, and i felt like 'Ouch' for them...

Ouch. My skin too. I'll love my skin even more from today onwards. I better go smudge moisturiser now before i wake up tomorrow to find my skin peeling off...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

YAY! xx words per minute...

this is the ... 6th i think... time i am typing using the speed test thing..

and guess what???

65 words


detailed description: 355 characters per minute, 65 CORRECT and 0 WRONG!!

lol, min zhao behind me has just reached her 66 words... wow and now with 71 words with only 1 error!

In another typing test (i think this one is more accurate)

My net speed: 58 WPM

accuracy: 92%

Gross speed: 63 WPM

visit to try it out! Then you'll know why i say it's more accurate~

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WPM, at first attempt!

Thanks to mew who guided me to Put's blog to take this test when i needed it now haha...

60 words


detailed description: 60 CORRECT words per minute and 1 WRONG word. 320 characters per minute.

LOL cute.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Malaysia decides on 8 March 2008

I can't vote yet.
It's a good thing that my brother has flown back home from Singapore to cast his precious vote tomorrow morning. This will be the first time he votes. He returned to Penang for a day (not even 24 hours) just to vote...
Fellow hometown mates, its vital to play your part in the country's future. Perhaps let's not see so far first.. I should say play your part in country's 4 years to come... 4 years of your life- (and your family's and the community's) whether it's going to be a well-looked after one, or a there-goes-my-income-tax-AGAIN one...

Well perhaps we don't have to aim so high as to get to be well-looked after.. perhaps a little change in the quota system would do good. Perhaps the rice bowl of certain ethnics be returned. Perhaps some stricter rules in the government department (to un-lack the you-know-who-i'm-talking-about)...

Awhile back ago i've read that there's going to be a rise in the number of police in the nation. Which means? Safer city? Lesser crime? Smoother traffic???
Or more rasuah? More police to look out for to prevent treating more police to high tea?? (no offence to police ya.. of course there are still black sheeps amongst the 'white' ones)

Being rather observant all along, why do i only notice the roadworks 2 months before election? And mind you, there's roadwork almost everywhere when election's coming... it could be my own problem that i only notice the roadworks are being carried out when election's coming.
See how the BN has given 'candy' to the public. That occurs only once four years u know...
Reinventing? What to invent when it's always an empty sweet promise that sounds like thunder but not a drop of dew afterwards.

TUN Dr. Mahathir once said: "I'm still on this post and BN is still standing because you rakyat voted us. This indicates that you agree with whatever our decision is..." (something like that,.. distasteful feeling filled me after reading about it)

Anyway, I'll certainly keep watch of the statistics for this election. The chance of realising a dream is still far... still far...

Thursday, January 31, 2008

1.What's wrong with my Epson printer? 2. It's Ixus! 3. Miscellaneous..

So frustrated with my printer... i have changed 4 cartridges in 2 days, of which 2 of 4 are black ink.
I've been trying to print with only the black ink but the colours were also consumed as well(maybe the colours were just brushed off against the ink pad for head cleaning purposes... geramnya!!)
I've nozzle checked it a dozen times, and done head cleaning (very unwillingly- because it consumes lots of ink); yet there are still lines and gaps. The more i head-clean it, the worse it becomes!
I wonder has anyone got any idea how to clean just one of those 4 inks' head instead of cleaning all at once?
I guess that's how the manufacturer earns... not from the printer they sell, but the cartridges.

Leave that printer alone for the time being..
I want to shout out that i love my cute little Canon Ixus!!!
The design is so stylish and i simply just love the quality photos that it is capable of taking!

an eye candy

-It's day 31 of 365- (this year's 366 rite?)
see how fast time flies?
here's one interesting calendar: (i shan't disclose where this calendar came from...)

cool huh? so there's one extra day...

Up next, Chinese New Year is 'just a few steps away'... What i love most is:

What happened to these mandarins?






That's what happened to it! Ultimate thirst quencher for a hot sunny day... =)

*Guess how many mandarins are there? =P

Thursday, January 10, 2008

She has done it again

I couldn't refrain from reading the seventh book.
Every page is fresh, juicy and tempting... So much so the temptation that hooks me up (not by my mouth, but my eye {...ouch...}) promises me scrumptious reading page by page, line by line, word by word.
I must praise, praise her for her success in making it possible for her readers to picture every tiny bit of movement, scenes, expressions and thoughts of every character through the lively words she has penned down.
It's really 4 in the morning now, and i'm still goggling my not-so-big-eyes on the fine words (now getting blurry) that are awaiting me to unravel the hidden surprises within...
The last book (i'm referring to the sixth), i realised, has been quite sinister nearing the end... especially the darkness and eerieness of the black-mirror-like lake in the cave.. and the secret that it holds.

"It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more," Dumbledore said.
Very true indeed. That's why i was kind of scared from the unknowns that were to come eventually in later pages. That's why i kept turning pages, to seek (although afraid), and to satisfy my desire of immersing myself into that magical world. (As a muggle, the best i could do is to read on =P)

So, you know who the "she" is i'm referring to?
It's of course none other than J.K. Rowling!
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows here i come!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

‘Day 365 of 365'

‘Day 365 of 365
Week 1 of 52’

What was I up to at this time of the year a year ago?
Nothing much. But it was hard for me. Decision made, just get ahead.
So far, I could happily say that I got on rather well with my decision. 2007’s just the mere beginning. More to come as I track down the path…

Let’s sum up this year in a timeline:
Jan: Preparing for the chosen path. Very unstable. Emotionally.

Feb: left home. A new environment is always not that pleasant at first… However I’m really lucky everything was smooth. *I actually went to the ‘wrong’ orientation session, but I didn’t know it until the last day of my 2nd sem exam… Until I sat down with my friends to discuss things.. ~ Mz arrived on the 21st . Together we set off for the journey.

March, April, May: Trying to fit in with the life and the style the things were done. Joined the Japanese Club. Went to quite a few conversation sessions, but I really couldn’t understand what they say at all… even though they explain to me after that, I just went: ‘oh I see…’, but my mind’s still as blank as before I heard the explanation… One girl lent me a book. “Japanese for busy people” it’s called. Sadly, I just know how to read the characters, still not being able to memorize the vocab. This reminded me of how many years we’ve learnt the 3 languages, to use it everyday and read and write until it gets stuck in our head… (and of course the real ‘stuck’ when it’s stuck… u know what I mean)
Lectures amazed me. I then truly understand why people say they don’t care what you do and how you do. It all depends on ourselves. But I prefer the primary and secondary school style (I mean when teachers monitor how we do off and on..)
New friends made. Of Malaysians and Indonesians and Chinese and Burmese and Korean and Vietnamese and Mauritius and of course locals… Quite ‘assorted’ =P, I could describe…

June: Oh no… In a blink suddenly the exam’s near. Realised that all along I did not read enough… and understand and remember enough… the day the results were released I had nightmares… (*it still gives me chills)

July, August: Another sem. The going was well in the beginning. But later on I was really worried with Stats. It should be easy, but I just don’t get the Viruses are boring. Genetics is fun. Scholten’s stuff is confusing…
Oh, on the brighter side: Took a trip to Mt. Buller, spent 2 hours learning how to maneuver that two long flat ski board attached to the huge heavy ski boots, with the help of ski poles… bottomline: It was real fun skiing! despite the rain and the coldness that left us wet and cold in the snow… haha..

September: A month of ‘intensive’ practicing for the upcoming production. Was tired at times, but still, it’s part of an experience.

October: 11th, 12th, 13th. Three nights’ performance. Wow. Couldn’t imagine me and mz pulled through it. Before that there was a rehearsal on the 10th. So all in all it’s 4 times full dress and make-ups. Wow. But all was worth it. I needed a few days to ‘cool-down’ after the production.. (I think it’s ridiculous) Anyway after that it was kind of ‘hell’ again for school stuff.

November: Exams!! I’m not sure whether I was stressed out or not, but my lifestyle changed… unfortunately to the worse.. end of month, I’m home.

December: Reunion stuff. Was happy it can be considered a success. For photos, please go to And I would like to thank all of you for the special day, all of you who spent it with me, p.s.: and the lovely bag.

What a year. I truly appreciate what I’ve came across in this chapter of my life, the people, the environment, new friends, an extraordinary experience, hardship, ‘independence’, and care from everyone, especially my bro, and mz!

[posted on 8th Jan, 2008]

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Dear friends, '25/12/2007
~brought to you by Zilus~
my first creation from
Adobe Photoshop

Friday, December 21, 2007


6b and 6c-ers:

1. Tomorrow evening's bbq starts at 6.30pm. At the beach by Crown Jewel Hotel.

2. Whoever still wants to go for overnight stay (at Golden Sands Resoort), you're welcome to.

3. Please bring along the amount of money as follows:

bbq only: $30
bbq and stay: $60
(please bring the exact amount)

4. schedule:

6.30pm-9.00pm: Start arriving and stuff yourselves up
9.00pm-9.45pm: 'Speech' by teachers, followed by anyone who wants to say anything..
Then get into circles to update everyone (especially updating the teachers) on yourselves...
9.45pm onwards: Photo session
approx 10.15pm: Clearing up

5. Bring your ji nian ce and an umbrella. If you have the extra big ones, bring it too.


i wonder how many people actually reads this now anyway....

I shall reveal the situation:

As you can see, those who are going for bbq only= 18 (so far) and bbq + stay= 11

and sadly, so far the hotel booked can't be cancelled (which i hope can be resolved tomorow.. nope, today actually)

I officially apologise to all of you for not being cautious enough over this matter...

we'll first try to come up with a conclusion.. and these are the possibilities:
1. the bookings can be canceled without penalty. Case closed. Divide total amount with total person attending.

2. only one room can be cancelled (with or without penalty), left with one room, or
3. both really can't be cancelled.

(for 2 and 3)
there are a few possibilities for the sum of amount:

i. those going to stay divide the 'stay' amount, plus bbq... (bbq price divided by all)

ii. (suggested by KC, but we shall abolish it) a fix amount for both bbq only and bbq +stay, the rest paid by KC (so far 5 of us have done the calculation, if we proceed with it KC has to pay 800+ at first, further calculations yielded lesser amount but it's still not fair) (but as i said, it will not be approved)

iii. fix an amount for both categories, the rest paid up by organisers (by 'organisers' i can't really pinpoint who)

iv. share out among both categories, eg: bbq only ones: $30, and bbq + stay ones: $60.

v. or the numbers could be altered.

Of course it's up to all of you and whether you're willing to pay... no forcing...

I SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY NEED YOUR REPLIES. i will update as soon as there's news.

(and i dah tak larat nak contact everyone at this time's only one day away... those who are in the list below and havnt gave me any reply on whether you're coming or not... ... just come if u can, that's all what i can say)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

BBQ+potluck+Golden Sands Resort

Hey 6b and 6c-ers:

Here's a few updates:

1. Is anyone going to bring any food for potluck? (we don't need too much, cos we're doing bbq too.. perhaps a few people can share to bring one kind of food) [inform me or just leave a msg below, so i can arrange that there's no 'clash' of food]

2. A booking has been made at Golden Sands Resort on the 22nd night. Which means after the bbq we'll go straight to the hotel. As far as the list is updated below, those with 'green' and without (for bbq) can go for hotel stay. I'm not sure if some might change... hopefully not =P

3. Everyone, still remember you have this memorable 纪念册?I want you guys to bring it!!!

4. And, i don't know whether i think too much or what, do we need a loud speaker??

That's all for now.. need your reply! =)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Bad and A Good News (and an update)

6b and 6c-ers: (more updates below in yellow)

Here's two pieces of news:
The bad one first: =(

Parkroyal is fully booked since a month ago!!!

So, we are currently deciding whether to stay elsewhere, or just proceed the tong xue hui with the BBQ only.
So far, the BBQ will definitely be still ON, it will be by the beach of Crown Jewel Hotel.

People, any comments anyone? Do you guys want a hotel stay? or just the BBQ will do fine?

The Good news: =D

Both 招老师 and 李老师 will be coming! Kun Cheng visited 招老师 to ask her to come! While i telephoned 李老师, she sounded really eager to join us! Yay!!

So, people, it depends on you now!!

And what do you guys think if we have a potluck and bbq?
(Potluck meaning anyone can cook anything, then bring there to share)
reply needed>>
* and the venue may change. Will be updated soon.
Keep in tune!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Reunion December 2007 [2]

Hello 6b and 6c-ers!

For those that i didn't email and guided you to this link, here's the email i sent to the others regarding the reunion... this is an alternate way i found which could be easier...

Here it goes>>>
It's been 7 years from our standard 6. So what do you guys think if there's going to be a tong xue hui this year?

So far, the details are as follows:
Date: 22nd, 23rd and 24th December 2007 (saturday, sunday and monday)
Venue: Parkroyal Hotel

UPDATED: BBQ at Crown Jewel Hotel on 22nd night.

As there's a need to determine the number of fellow ex-classmates who would be able to attend, we have to reach out to as many people as soon as possible. [The list for 6B and 6C (and 2 additional person) is below]. I'm really sorry if your name is spelt wrongly. Please inform me if there really is. [i missed out Seong Ling and Xu wen's name in the email, sorry]

Don't worry if you can't come for all 3 days, cos we've planned to do a barbeque on the 22nd night and hope that most of you could at least attend the barbeque. (So at least we wouldn't have the problem of some people coming on different days and didn't have the chance to meet all the others)

One more thing, i'm sure some of you (including me, actually) could be thinking that you haven't been in contact with most of the classmates for 'n years' ('n' stands for 'an unknown number', haha), and perhaps thinking there could be a gap (or whatever), and you might be wondering whether or not to come... Well, here's what i think:(it's ok if u dont agree with me) It's been 7 years, if you still don't come, don't you think the gap will only grow wider as time passes?

And, tong xue hui is for each and everyone of us. Let's play a part in thinking what you would like to do during tong xue hui (eg: dance?=P) of course, weird suggestions (but appropriate, please) are most welcome.

So, please help forward this (copy and paste this plus the name list into email, or just send the others this link and reply as soon as possible whether or not you could come, whether you're goin to stay, and what you would like to do (important*)... either reply it here or email me at or Tan Kun Cheng at

Thank you! Have a nice day!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Reunion December 2007 [name list]

Hey guys, i think this might be a better way to keep everyone updated on the current status of everyone... the list will be put on here, and i'll update the status once there's any reply from anyone.

*note that different colours denote different status>> scroll to the end to refer>>>

1. Adrian Ang Tze Ern ### !!
2. Beh Sze Ping ### (for bbq, not sure for hotel stay)
3. Chan Yik Hung ### (for bbq, not sure for hotel stay)
4. Chee Hooi Boon ###
5. Chee Zong Jie ### (have to work)
6. Cheok Wee Qi ###
7. Cheryl Lee Tsuey Chee ###
8. Chew Joo Khoon ### (for bbq)
9. Chew Yi Mei ### (for bbq, not sure for hotel stay)
10. Chin Wen Wei ###
11. Chong Chuen Wei ### (my mistake, i have mistaken chuen wei as chun woei)
12. Chong Jia Weih ###
13. Goh Seong Ling ###
14. Hazel Yeoh Siu Kenn ###
15. Hue Wei Fen ### (in singapore)
16. Julian Khoo Boo Chiat ###
17. Koay Jun Min ### (for bbq, not sure for hotel stay)
18. Law Szu Theng ###
19. Lee Kean Mun ### !!
20. Lee Min Zhao ###
21. Lian Shar Hoong ###
22. Liew Ling Wei ### !!
23. Lim Sze Lin ### (for bbq)
24. Loo Khang Ning ### !!
25. Loo Shi Han ###
26. Man Jing Yang ### !!
27. Ong Kai Xuan ###
28. Ooi Chen Yi ### (sister's wedding!)
29. Ooi Pei Qi ### (for bbq)
30. Ooi Shau Ming ### !!
31. Pat Kang Ying ###
32. Quah Beow Ling ### (still having classes)
33. Rhian Tan ###
34. Saw Min Yu ### !!
35. Tan Kuan Ming ### !!
36. Tan Kun Cheng ###
37. Tan Lay Ying ### (exam-ing)
38. Tan Pei Lin ### (to be confirmed again)
39. Tan Zi Xiang ### (bbq)
40. Teoh Lin Nar ###
41. Teow Theng Theng ### (in KL)
42. Tung Zhi Yan ### (for bbq)
43. Yew Siew Lynn ###
44. Sim Jun Yi ### (in Taiwan)

Total going for bbq from 6b: 14
Total going for hotel stay from 6b: 4

1. Annette Wong Suk Hwa ### (for bbq)
2. Boey Xu Wen ### (for bbq)
3. Catarina Chong Vien Lynn ### !!
4. Cheok Suat Hui ###
5. Chew Beng Hoong ###
6. Chew Chean Gay ### (for bbq)
7. Chong Chun Woei ### (for both)
8. Choo Jian Hao ### !!
9. Elvin Lee King Hwan ###
10. Ewe Tek Bee ### !!
11. Goh Bee Kee ### (in KL)(wants to send her regards to everyone)
12. Goh Suan Ean ### (good luck in persuading ur dad!)
13. Goh Yun Lin ### (for bbq)
14. Jason Lau How Leong ###
15. Khaw Lek Pin ### (for bbq)
16. Khoo Chung Lee ### (in Ireland)
17. Khor Cheiw Thing ### (not in Penang)
18. Koay Jian Cong ### !!
19. Lau Heng Zheng ### (going to Taiping)
20. Lee Chun Howe ### !!
21. Lee I Gwen ### (for bbq)
22. Lee Seng Yong ###
23. Lee Wei Yang ### !!
24. Lim Iu Tjun ### !!
25. Lim Yee Chwan ### (in Cameron Highlands)
26. Loo Ruey Chih ###
27. Looi Wan Lin ### (still got class)
28. Moi Wei Kent ###
29. Ng Chin Swee ###
30. Ng Ken Khye ###
31. Ng Yi Ying ### (for bbq)
32. Ong Hong Chung ### !!
33. Ong Xing Hao ### (for bbq)
34. Ooi Phaik Woon ###
35. Ooi Reen Jye ### !! nobody pick up the house phone.. mobile was answered,but i was asked:'siapa?'
36. Sha Kah Yen ###
37. Stephanie Ang Yee Hunn ###
38. Tan Jun Rong ###
39. Tan Yu Teik ### (going to singapore on 22nd till after christmas)
40. Teng Wei Jian ### !!
41. Teoh Phaik Yin ### (still having classes)
42. Teoh Wei Yee ### !!
43. Woo Wai Che ###
44. Yeow Wei Keat ###
45. Yew Kok Jin ### !!

Total going for bbq from 6c: 17
Total going for hotel stay from 6c: 8

1. Gwendolyn Koid Pei Xian ### (for bbq)

2. Foo Xiao Qin ###


### email sent, or notified (but whether it has been read, i'm not sure)

### email sent, but postmaster said it couldn't be delivered

### email not sent (i mean by me- perhaps some of you have sent to this person)

### i have no idea how to contact this person

### replied-not sure

### replied- not sure, but most probably going

### replied- not sure, but most probably not going

### replied-going

### replied- can't go

last updated:
10 dec 07~ 12.59 am
10 dec 07~ 12.22 pm
changes made: Tan Yu Teik, Chan Yik Hung, Lian Shar Hoong, Chin Wen Wei
11 dec 07~ 1.13 am
changes made: Pat Kang Ying
11 dec 07~ 9.21 pm
changes made: Rhian Tan, Lee Min Zhao, Yew Siew Lynn, Elvin Lee, Tan Jun Rong, Cheryl Lee, Lim Sze Lin, Tan Zi Xiang, Goh Yun Lin, Stephanie Ang, Cheok Wee Qi.
11 dec 07~ 10.07 pm, 10.35 pm
changes made: Boey Xu Wen, Khoo Chung Lee, Sim Jun Yi, Ng Ken Khye, Goh Suan Ean, Gwendolyn Koid, Lim Iu Tjun
11.07pm~ Saw Min Yu, Tan Kuan Ming, Ng Chin Swee, Koay Jian Cong, Teoh Phaik Yin, Loo Khang Ning, Looi Wan Lin, Lee Seng Yong, Chong Chuen Wei , Lee Kean Mun, Chong Chun Woei
12 dec 07~ 4.26 pm
changes made: Beh Sze Ping, Ooi Pei Qi, Goh Yun Lin, Lee I Gwen, Ng Yi Ying, Annette Wong. (all given green light! XD)
4.56 pm: Goh Suan Ean, Khaw Lek Pin, Sha Kah Yen, Law Szu Theng

13 dec 07~ 4.45pm
changes made: Loo Khang Ning, Lau Heng Zheng
15 dec 07~ 11.22 pm
changes made: Tan Pei Lin, Ong Kai Xuan, Teow Theng Theng, Cheok Suat Hui, Chong Jia Weih, Hue Wei Fen, Loo Shi Han, Ong Hong Chung
16 dec 07~ 12.38 pm
changes made: Chee Hooi Boon, Chew Yi Mei, Beh Sze Ping, Khor Cheiw Thing, Lim Yee Chwan, Loo Ruey Chih, Goh Bee Kee, Ooi Reen Jye, Yew Kok Jin
11.56 pm~ Looi Wan Lin, Lee Seng Yong
18 dec 07~ 10.12 pm
changes made: Foo Xiao Qin, Koay Jun Min, Chew Joo Khoon, Chong Chuen Wei
10.47pm~ Tung Zhi Yan
20 dec 07~ 12.55 am
changes made: Ong Kai Xuan, Khaw Lek Pin, Chong Chuen Wei, Joey Chong Chun Woei, Loo Shi Han, Chew Chean Gay, Law Szu Theng
12.37 pm~ Pat Kang Ying, Goh Bee Kee

21 dec 07~ 9.40pm
changes made: Stephanie Ang, Cheok Wee Qi, Julian Khoo, Tan Lay Ying, Cheok Suat Hui, Chew Beng Hoong, Loo Ruey Chih, Looi Wan Lin, Moi Wei Kent, Ng Chin Swee, Ong Xin Hao
22.11pm~Yew Siew Lynn
22 dec 07~ 2.28am
Chee Zong Jie, Teoh Lin Nar, Hazel Yeoh

Monday, October 08, 2007


词:方文山 曲:周杰伦
是曾与你躲过雨的屋檐 oh~~
在荡着秋千 梦开始不甜
你说把爱渐渐 放下会走更远
又何必去改变 已走过的时间
你用你的指尖 阻止我说再见
想象你在身边 在完全失去之前
你说把爱渐渐 放下会走更远
或许命运的签 只让我们遇见
只让我们相恋 这一季的秋天
飘落后才发现 这幸福的碎片
*** *** ***

是曾与你躲过雨的屋檐 oh~~
在荡着秋千 梦开始不甜

你说把爱渐渐 放下会走更远
又何必去改变 已走过的时间
你用你的指尖 阻止我说再见
想象你在身边 在完全失去之前

你说把爱渐渐 放下会走更远
或许命运的签 只让我们遇见
只让我们相恋 这一季的秋天
飘落后才发现 这幸福的碎片

Monday, September 17, 2007

Time to reflect

So much happened lately. Mid sem tests, horrible test results, assignments, last day before non-teaching period... These all happened in half a blink of an eye.

It's already mid September. No sooner November will arrive and the finals will end me up with midnight oils and dark circles round my window to the world (figuratively speaking). Let's see what have i gotten out of uni life so far... independence? discipline? intuitiveness? proactive-ness?

To be honest, i wasn't thinking as complicated as i used to be, or as i am supposed to be. This is an equivalent to not using my brains as much as i used to. Yes, stuff that i am learning now still requires thinking, but am i thinking what i should think? From the same set of statistic lecture notes do i get as much info, or do i interpret it the same way as my friends? Did she understand this much when she reads this? to what extend does she think? Why is it that after reading the same set of notes she knows how to do questions A to Z but i only know how to do A to J? >.<

We had 3 languages, 3 sciences, 2 maths, 2 useless subjects (moral and history) and that EST to cope with when we were in form 5, i wondered how i got through... as compared to my 4 subjects now and still not doing well in it... perhaps during those days i had lots and lots of practices over and over again, with schedules packed fully almost everyday.. is that what that has made the difference?

Another thing to note: my language! english and mandarin especially! as for Malay... mou ngan tai (or 'no eyes see' in canto)... T_T... The saddest thing is i have lost the ability to write good, catchy, effective english and mandarin passages. (maybe i was never good in it, however my standard did drop! not a little, mind you! i returned a 'heaven' lot of stuffs to my teacher!) Thinking back when i used the dictionary + thesaurus to aid in writing some passages, editing them a dozen times, choosing the right words, rephrasing sentences, adding little details, crossing out irrelevant points etc etc etc etc etc... And now what am i doing? not so much on writing anymore! the writing only comes during finals... and not so much on additional reading.. like those fiction novels and magazines... so there's little knowledge input compared to the past.

I can only blame myself on these deteriorating facts. The main culprits- my time management and discipline! I haven't been really strict on myself! That's why i felt not contented before i go to sleep everyday, like i still have not done enough yet for the day, but the day has already gone, and i can't possibly go back using time machine to fill up those blank times...

The reason why i'm writing this down is that some of you might be on the same track as i am, and some may have already gone through very different transitions to reach where you are at the moment. I am here to 感叹 and heavily warn myself: PLEASE CHANGE! Don't wait until it's too late!
Think more, think further, think out of the box!! AHH~ puh-leaze!

So, fellow friends: any advice or suggestion or opinion or 忠告? Your 高见 is very much appreciated. 希望你可以点醒正在呼噜呼噜沉睡的我。。。

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Which of the following mechanisms...

I can't wait till tomorrow. I have to blog this down now. We couldn't stop laughing so hard... all thanks to my 'extraordinary' funny ability of thinking + logically processing the correct answer to respond WHEN i'm virtually 'fishing'. (by fishing you should know what i mean...)

To start with, the last time Min Zhao used her camera to take a photo was that of one while we were having an ice cream with Rhian. I'm not sure whether she has transfered those photos to her computer; anyway this is what happened:

This morning i have borrowed mz's camera to take a picture of the mid sem test papers posted on the notice boards. So when i am back home i have to skim through all the photos to rearrange them, eg. rotate them back to the correct orientation and check to see if it is readable, as some might be blurry...

Anyway, i have skimmed through a total of approx. 40+ photos with rather fine prints, while reading those, subconsciously i am still able to make out what kind of questions were being asked, and somewhat think about the answers occasionally....

After what seemed like an hour or so browsing through those questions, i was, as usual, feeling sleepy and about to doze off; but not YET... i knew i had to return the memory card to mz before i forget, so>>

Me: hey mz, do you want me to delete all the photos?
Mz: mmm... what was the photo last taken?
(At this moment i got really sleepy, (don't know why) but i really looked at the last photo I HAVE TAKEN and...)
Me: (dreamy voice) Which of the following mechanisms most... uhh... *thinking: why am i reading this to her???*
Mz: (eyes wide, staring at me) HUUH??...

At that point i literally jolted up even though i haven't finished reading the chemistry question which was on the last photo...
All of a sudden it struck me that she was asking about the last photo WE took.. haha, oh my... why would she ask about the last photo i have taken?

The night ended with a house full of laughter...

Here, to end this entry, though you may not find it funny, (but we really did).. i am going to attach the two LAST PHOTOs...

"Which of the following mechanisms most correctly describes the transformation depicted above?"

The last photo MZ was asking about...

For your interest, this is the second last photo:

Yum!! (one actually costs A$4!)

p.s: Now that i've requested mz to pre-read the blog before i post it up, we can't stop giggling when it comes to 'which of the following mechanisms...' XD

Monday, August 27, 2007

Spring is coming!

Yay! Spring spring spring~ 'doink'~

No more thick jackets, no need to wear multi layer, gloves and scarf can be kept...

Woohoo.. the best thing i like about spring so far*(well, although it isn't officially spring yet.. have to wait till 1st sept) is the change in weather! Chilly winter winds are so uncomfortable, it makes my hands and feet ice cold... (but the weird thing is that my hands and feet usually take the temperature of the surrounding, i'm like cold-blooded) so perhaps i should not keep my gloves first...

The widget on my desktop says: today's forecast- hi: 18, lo: 12; and current temperature: 21! haha ^_^ love the temperature>> well its 5.50pm now... but it gets colder at night, at least not as cold as winter.

Flowers are blooming, even on leaf-less trees! here's one~ see if the picture could be uploaded..

yay! even the computer(or rather blogger) agrees that the arrival of spring should be celebrated (that's why i successfully uploaded this photo) [if you scroll back to previous posts and see, this is the first picture ever in my post!]
it's 梅花树, taken near my brother's house.

enlarge the photo and note the huge-petaled flowers>>

No leaves at all! Just flowers! And there was this furry caterpillar-like flower all along the stretch of trees in front of Redmond Barry building. As it fell all over the road, and the colour is greyish and then furry furry like that, i thought there was a breakout of caterpillars or some insects... (imagine a cat's short tail all around... well it's just that furry)

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

i wonder why i always dont feel like studying when there is going to be my mid sem test tomorrow which takes up 10% of my final mark... the more i know i need to study, the more i think of doing something else...

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

anyway, oh right... met up with jiin ying last night and went for dinner together... a 3 5s1 ppl reunion... haha super mini one. Do you believe that even though we've been here since Feb, and even though i only knew she was here in melbourne and we're in the same school in mid March, we've never come together and chat for just a while? We do bump into each other once in a while, and talked a bit, and before parting, she always reminds me:" 看几时有空再见面。。你都没有叫我出来吃饭的!" and then when we met the next time, i felt tensed because i knew i hadnt arranged a time to meet up... well, at last! Though its August now already, at least we got together!

Thinking bout high school life... the years, the fun, the friends, the school, the teachers... the memories... Memories do drive ppl merry...

Blogger! bye first! Bio! here i come!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Laundry on Mondays- big no-no

Everyone seems to do their laundry on Monday nites.
That's why this is the first time that we have to descend from the 8th to 7th to 6th to 5th floor to just find an 'empty and available' washing machine... Imagine the 'crowdedness' of laundry-ing on mondays...

30 minutes later>>> Time's up. We happily went down to transfer the clothes to the dryer next to the machine. All done, dryer door closed. I took out two 1 dollar coins and started 1 slotting in. Out it came rolling! Slot it in again, and... out it rolls...
The other dryer was still unavailable, so, what to do? We have to unload that dryer and start hunting for available AND 'COIN-SLOTTABLE' dryers. This time we went down to the 4th floor, then up to the 6th, and then down to 3rd.

Now i'm waiting for the cycle to finish (hmm 20 minutes more) so that we can go collect our warm and cuddly laundry...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Of Roulette, Poker, Black Jack, Baccarat, Pink Panther and more...

Finally, i've been granted access to a casino! The guard did stop me to check my passport though... well the 3 younger us- me, mz, and mz's cousin- melissa pretended to walk behind melissa's parents and follow them to get through.. however he still stopped me and said:' sorry, can i see your id please?' good thing>> i look like i'm underage haha...

Crown casino looks so grand and magnificent. The design is so 'money themed'... even the carpet's printed pattern looks like gold coins... The chandeliers are so sparkly, the wooden parts of the gambling equipments are varnished with shellac till it reflects light...

When we walked past the never-ending rows and rows of jackpots, clink-clonking sound of coins dropping out of the machines, and when one stops, another follows... i wonder if they actually win or are they just getting the amount they've put in, or mayb less... i pointed one aunty's hand to mz, she's wearing rings on four fingers (can't see the thumb) plus bracelet, and heavy-looking glaring and showy...
The jackpot looks more complicated than what i've thought... *well what i've thought was the older type which u hav to pull the stick after u've slot in money. These ones are computerized, and there are so many buttons for you to select how much you want to bet... although i've stood there and watch people play for quite a long time, i still don't quite get how it works...

The casino is really an eye-opener. The person who started business for people to gamble is really really smart. RESPECT* So many games, so many varieties, so many different levels of 'minimum amount you want to bet'... I am just a bystander who sees the process of people putting their bet, winning it or losing it... but when the skillful casino employee unveils a card, my heartbeat fastens.. along with the nervous players...

When i came round to Baccarat, i saw one person putting bet using tokens by the value of a hundred per token... and a few tokens at one time... when he wins i felt relieved but when i see the token taken by the banker, i go: 'ssss...' the sound u make when u're in pain...
Not long after that person got up and went to another table, another man in black coat came and put four stacks of hundred notes on the table to be changed into token... 1 stack is a thousand man... 4 stacks... so 4000... and guess what... he used it all in one bet.. and lost it in just the first round... then he digged into his wallet and pulled out another few hundred notes... and plaved the bet in one go and lost it again... was so unlucky... he could have played a few hundred times if he split the amount of bet out... and could have won at least half the time if he put a little at a time...
In disappointment he got up and was gone. Not long later the previous person came back and kept one playing. This time the highest bid i've seen him put and lost was 1100... imagine.. hard earned money gone in a blink...

Lady luck better be at your side when you want to gamble.. or better still, don't gamble, 所谓十赌九输。。So, personally i think that putting the money in fixed deposit is the best, as Albert Einstein quoted: "The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest."#

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Dream of 'S'es and HD which struck twice

What happens when you open your eye first thing in the morning remembering your results are coming out today?

If i know i've done well, i would have jumped out of bed and head straight to my lappy to check the results online. However, this is not the case this time.
At 7 sth AM i am already awake and that my results are out. But since it's 7 sth i decided to sleep a bit more, thinking there's no harm checking it later since the result doesn't depend how early you check it. So i drifted off...
I remembered logging in my uni's student information system to check my results. I'm anticipating not-so-good results, and fearing i might fail in 3 subjects. Guess what appears on the screen--- Physics- S, Chemistry- S, Maths- S, Biology- HD. (S means 'supplementary exam' which means i've failed it and i hav to sit for the supplementary exam, HD denotes 'High Distinction')...
And i woke up again. Eih it was a dream... i should go and check already... should go... should go....
and the whole process repeats itself again.. 3 'S'es and HD... so scary...
this time i woke completely, sat up and didnt want to drift off anymore...
Imagine the fear when i knew i wasn't doing well... it's a completely uncomfortable feeling, especially when i am supposed to prepare well in the exam... i felt so guilty u know... S ar... how to face myself?? and from the last day of my exams i have been worrying for the results... similar to torture, yet it's a mental one instead of physical one...

And the relieving part is that when i go and check my results (this time i really go and check it), there's no S's or F's.... luckily it came out better than i've expected.. but still, there's room for improvement. 'Plenty of room' haha...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

How Do Men See You?

Came across this in cheryl's blog. Found it interesting so i tried it out hehe...

Men See You As Understated

You are an intreguing mix of girl and woman.
You're feminine, quiet, and a total mystery to most men.
Yet they often feel the urge to protect you, even if they don't know you.
You *are* a flirt, but you usually only flirt with those you know well